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If you're looking for an online casino with a good reputation, one which has experience and an honest track record Spin Palace Casino is recognized internationally as your one stop game playing extravaganza. From Australia where Spin Palace is one of the most popular iPad casinos for Aussies to Europe and across the oceans to the Americas and Asia, players looking for a quick game on the go always find their mark and feel comfortable letting loose when the hour allows it. Could it be the fact Spin Palace has a ninety seven percent payout ratio? Maybe it's because there are hundreds upon hundreds of games to choose from?

There could be any number of reasons people keep coming back for another game and to try out thrill ride after thrill ride. You would have to go to an amusement park to get a similar rush over and over but you probably wouldn't come away with as much prize money. There's a big difference between being handed a four foot stuffed animal for hitting balloons with a dart and walking away with a check for enough money to build your own stuffed animal factory. That's the difference between playing at iPad casinos elsewhere and Spin Palace Casino.

Payment Methods

One of the great things about Spin Palace casino is the fact it accepts all kinds of payment methods. That means you have many options for getting set up and involved in your favourite games and never have to worry about being left out when one payment method is denied because of a lost or expired card. Spin Palace accepts all major credit cards and is delighted to hook up with third party companies where credit is bought and points are used like money in the online market.

Companies which deal with such transactions include Neteller, Moneybookers, Ukash and others and using them not only means a safer payment method which hides your personal information but the pay as you go option for those games on the go method helps control how much you are spending. For example you could buy fifty dollars in credit and that's how much you will spend as you would need to go back and purchase new credit once the current line runs out. That way if you become a bit too trigger happy you're forced to take a break, count the eggs in your basket, and reload when you've settled down a bit. Luckily most of these companies are recognized world wide so there's no worrying if your location would disqualify your chances of using them. They are accepted and known internationally.

Bonuses and Games

Once you sign up to become a Spin Palace Casino player and download the casino software, not only will you be able to access it from anywhere but you'll even receive a one hundred percent matching bonus on up to two hundred and fifty dollars. You can then earn more bonuses from the deposits made from the first bonuses and you will be alerted to other promotions which occur weekly and monthly.

Meanwhile, the wide selection of games Spin Palace offers for the iPad are only the beginning of the amazing opportunities to win. With the advanced software provided by Spin Palace you can actually play a different game in separate tabs. Imagine playing a few pokies and several roulette variations all at once without a blink of the eye! Chances are Spin Palace will also be the place where you can view and try out new games on the online market. You'll also find an entire line of progressive slots which will increase your winnings exponentially.