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You Get Fantastic Visual Quality When you Play Slots for iPad

There are literally thousands of slots games out there; pokies as Aussies most often call them.  Slots have certainly come a long way, especially since the online gaming revolution.  Pokies once were rather bland games, offering three reels, perhaps some nice looking fruit to go with the bars and other original symbols. Today’s slots are a far cry from the first generation of slots.  Today’s pokies feature five reels, state-of-the art graphics and animation, a story line that is told through the symbols, Wild and Scatter symbols, bonus rounds with free spins and cash bonuses, progressive jackpots, and more.

The online gaming revolution continues with mobile gaming and the epitome of mobile slots gaming is the amazing visual definition you get on the large mobile screen when you download pokies apps for iPad.  You don’t have to download; online mobile casinos offer free pokies games for iPad as well.  But if you want to play pokies for real money whilst you’re on the go, the iPad provides the best definition to the symbols and animation of modern pokies.

There are Many Slots Developers

It seems that a new slots games developer enters the industry every year.  Each faces the challenge of formatting slots games for mobile and, given the vast number of mobile devices, this is a major undertaking.  The graphics and animation technology for iPad are so good that developers are concentrating their efforts on formatting slots for iPad.

Tablets and especially iPads have advantages for gaming that no other mobile device can approach.  We spoke about graphics and animation.  Additionally, the iPad loads quickly.  When you’re on the go and want to take five minutes to take a few spins of a favourite pokies game, you want to be able to access the game as quickly as possible.  Tablets have also become pervasive in our society.  Many people own a tablet along with a smartphone.  The tablet serves purposes that the smartphone can’t, among them high-resolution gaming.  The games creators are aware of this and emphasize games for tablets.

Imagine an Endless Supply of Slots

With so many developers out their creating new memes for pokies, and a gaming public demanding new pokies excitement every month, slots enthusiasts have thousands of games to choose from.  There are slots in every imaginable category plus a few that you might not have thought could be turned into fun-to-play slots games!  You can choose from romance to high adventure, war to Mexican cooking, fantasy to burlesque, space exploration to vitamins.  The animal kingdom is represented by safari slots, insect slots, farm animals, and life under the seas.

Five Reels Increase your Chances of Winning

The original slots machines had three reels and few paylines.  Modern slots have 5 reels and as many as 243 ways to win.  Modern slots have Wild symbols.  Sometimes the Wilds have a multiplier, increasing your wins two or three fold.  Some games have stacked Wilds.  The Wilds may be stacked three-high in the regular game and six-high in the free spins bonus game!  Some games make an entire reel Wild!  Some slots have cascading reels where winning symbols fall off the screen and new symbols cascade down.  In this way, you can keep winning with a single spin!  These days, pokies all have bonus rounds, with cash bonuses for the taking, or free spins.  The free spins have multipliers to greatly increase your winnings.  Whilst most multipliers are in the single digits they often reach double figures and really lucky pokies players have been known to win with a 1000x multiplier!

Slots are being adapted from television and movies.  You can relive the thrill of seeing dinosaurs come back to life in Jurassic Park and vie for the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones.

Progressive Jackpots Regularly Reach the Sky

Some progressive jackpots always pay over $1,000,000.  Most settle for five or six figures, still a terrific sum for the lucky winner.  Although many games have been created with progressive jackpots including roulette and blackjack and even simple parlor games, by far the largest number of progressive jackpots is for slots.

Graphics and Animation Must be Top-Notch

All these new elements would be quite unappealing if they were made with graphics and animation technology of the faraway 1980’s!  Nowadays, characters come out of the screen, they sing or dance when you win, they talk to you— encouragingly, the lucky leprechaun wishes you top o’ the mornin’, the volcano in Big Kahuna seems ready to erupt if you take too long to choose the only thing that can subdue it.

Slots are a Musical Feast

Slots are fast becoming like a concert.  The music of Game of Thrones or Rocky brings you back to the mood first created by the series or movie.  A simple racetrack slots, Sure Win, has a rousing version of the Lone Ranger’s Theme during the bonus round.  Kings of Cash has throbbing music fit for a royal event!

iPad Has the Necessary Technology to Bring Modern Slots Alive

The massive appeal of slots in Australia and throughout the world is owing to the fast improvements in every aspect of the games from storylines to paylines, from memes to themes, and from being a feast for the eyes to being a feast for the ears.  You can always play free iPad casino pokies games.  The playing will be fun but you won’t see those big payouts with high multipliers.  If you play for real money on your iPad, the pokies games will be clear, crisp, and eminently accessible.