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iPad Roulette Features Superior Graphics

Roulette was once considered the game of prima donnas and high rollers.  Today roulette is enjoyed across the spectrum of online casino gamers.  Players love watching the wheel spin around and the sound of the ball on the wooden wheel frame is music to the ears of a roulette fancier. The great number of possible wagers may at first confuse new players but they are easy to learn and add layers of excitement to the game.

Roulette has long challenged the developers of online games.  The colors of the roulette table and the wooden beauty of the wheel have always been difficult to reproduce for online casinos.  Software developers for PC casinos succeeded in making attractive roulette interfaces.  The challenge was greater for mobile: the screens are smaller and the graphics technology was not yet up to making roulette come alive on mobile screens.

iPad Revolutionizes Mobile Graphics

Roulette for iPad takes a major step forward.  The amazing graphics technology in modern iPad casinos makes roulette more realistic than it has ever been.  The touch controls gives you the feeling that you are placing the bet physically instead of virtually.  When you play iPad roulette games, you feel as if you are truly in a casino!

Mobile Roulette Has a Low House Edge

The variation of roulette most often seen on mobile casinos is European roulette.  This variation differs from American roulette in one major aspect: American roulette has 0 and 00 while European roulette has only the 0.  This change lowers the house edge to about 2.5%.

Best Online Roulette Strategy: Play to Have Fun

The outcome of every spin of the wheel in online roulette is controlled by the Random Number Generator (RNG) which is certified regularly by independent watchdog companies such as eCogra.  This computer software removes any doubt that there might be in a player’s mind as to the integrity and credibility of the game.  It also means that every spin of the wheel is unique.  The RNG does not set patterns.  So, roulette is a game truly without strategy.  This means that gamers who enjoy playing roulette should do so for the fun they derive from the action and the realistic nature of the game’s presentation on the screen.

This brings us full circle back to playing roulette on iPadThe large iPad screen simulates a roulette table more than any other mobile device can.  To play iPad roulette you can even place the iPad on a table and pretend that you are playing at a real roulette table.

French Roulette has Two Special Rules

Roulette comes in three main variations.  As stated above, the biggest difference is between American and European roulette.  French roulette is like European but there are two added rules.  One is called En Prison.  This rule goes into effect when the ball lands on 0.  Any player who had made an even money bet can do either of two things: allow his bet to repeat for one more spin or sacrifice half the bet.  If you choose to let the bet ride and you win the second spin, you receive your bet back but not the winnings.

The second rule unique the French Roulette is called La Partage.  This is in a sense the mirror image of the En Prison rule.  In La Partage, if the ball lands on 0 and you’ve made an even money bet, you lose only half your bet and you don’t have the option of letting the bet ride.

Obviously, any French Roulette table can employ only one of these rules!  In either case, the house advantage is reduced to less than 2%.

Roulette Bets

The bets are called “outside bets” and “inside bets”.  We will use a European roulette table to demonstrate the bets because most roulette iPad games will be European roulette.  Here is an image of a European roulette table:

There are three even money bets amongst the outside bets: Red or Black; Odd or Even; First Half or Second Half.   You can also bet on the First Third, the Second Third, or the Last Third.  The final outside bet is a Column Bet.  You bet on which column you think the ball will land.

There are six possible inside bets. 

  • Bet on a single number.  You can also bet on 0.
  • Bet on two numbers by placing the chip on the line connecting the two numbers.
  • A Street Bet is on a row of three numbers.
  • A Double Street Bet is on two adjacent streets.
  • A Corner Bet is on four numbers connected at a corner.
  • A Trio Bet includes the 0.

Progressive Jackpots

Roulette lends itself well to progressive jackpots.  Many online casinos, whether for pc or mobile, offer a roulette game with a progressive jackpot. 

Live Casino

Roulette is also one of the three classic games most often offered at a pc casino’s Live Casino.  The other two are blackjack and baccarat.  At a live casino, you can interact with the croupier.  You can also choose between a cute, “regular” croupier or a Playboy Bunny.  In an online casino’s Live Casino the RNG does not apply; the games are truly live.  Live Casino for mobile is still in the development stage.

The Wheel Spinning Round

Roulette has been a popular casino game for hundreds of years.  The virtual roulette was admittedly less attractive than the real thing.  Luckily, technology has solved this matter with the great graphics available when you play roulette on an iPad.