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Mermaid's Millions – enjoy 3X multiplier, win up to 60,000, and so much more!

Choosing the best iPad casino pokies game for you has to be, for a very good reason, at the top of your priorities. Once you take a look at the large variety of casino games available, you want to know that you choose the one that fits best for you. Now, the most important thing to take into account while pondering upon the different pokies games, is the amount of benefits and rewards you would receive during the game, so your gambling experience would be just the best of all the previous ones. The best news is that Mermaid's Millions has an abundance of such games that would let you have the time of your life! In addition to the bonuses and rewards, you can enjoy a variety of gambling features that would spice things up for, as well as a wonderful atmosphere that will enable you to sense the deepest part of the ocean no matter where you are with the iPad! So join us now, learn more about this iPad real money pokies and start to feel the thrill!


What Rewards Should I Expect at Mermaid's Millions?

A lot! First of all, let's start with the basics – the rewards a fine pokies game cannot function without!


Wild casino games, and especially wild pokies games for iPad, are measured by their ability to change the rules of the game in order for you to maximize your joy! Obviously, once you want to gain some credits, you need to have a few identical symbols next to each other so a "some – of - a – kind" would be created and your spin would be considered as a win. Usually, the minimal amount of symbols tends to be equal to a three of a kind. But how good would it be if even two of a kind could produce a payout you would equally enjoy? Well, from now on it is possible for you to do so and all that it takes is just one wild symbol. The wild, which looks like an old merman, can function as a substitute to all other symbols on the reels (except scatter) and quickly change the results of the game. The meaning is that if now you have a two of a kind on your reels, and the wild symbol is just on the next reel, your two of a kind can produce you just as much as a three of a kind would. Same thing applies to the four of a kind and the five of a kind, created by merely three and four identical symbols and one crazy Wild.

And that is not all. Wild can also take an active part in your credits-gaining joy and pay out nicely even without serving as a contributor. Wild, on its own, can produce payouts once two, three, four and five of its kind appear on your reels. Two wilds are equal 5 credits, while three are equal to 200. Four credits will benefit you with 2,000.00 credits and finally, if you gain the whole five wilds on your reels at once you can enjoy no less than 7,500.00 credits immediately.


Scatter and Free Spins

Scatter is just as great when talking about game changing symbols. For this reason exactly, the wild is incapable of taking its place. Scatter is the symbol that lets you step into the world of free spins, where credits can be gained and deposits are not required. In order for that to happen, you want to gain three, four or five scatter symbols so the experience will begin as quickly as possible. Mermaid's Millions will let you enjoy no less than 10 free spins on a road and the credits gained will be tripled at the end of the adventure. The free spins are a great adventure for any gambler since the whole gaming atmosphere shifts completely in a matter of seconds. Once you start playing the free spins the music is much more exciting and the lines in which your winning symbols appeared get marked so you wouldn't miss a thing. You can always tell how many free spins are left so you'd know where you're standing and the exciting features just keep going.

In addition to that, your scatter wins will be multiplied by the number of credits stacked. Moreover, if this is not enough for you, you would probably LOVE to know that there is an additional similarity between the scatter and the wild symbols. The scatter symbol is also capable of benefiting you with additional credits even without serving as a contributor or a platform to your future winnings. Once having even two scatter symbols next to each other on the reels, 2 credits are already yours. Three such symbols will let you enjoy 4 credits while four scatters are worth 50.00 credits. Last but not least we have all the reels benefited with the five scatter symbols and your gain is 400.00 symbols right away.


Wonderful! What other Benefits do I get?

You have no idea! The Bonus Treasure is just about to be yours and to make your whole game even more exciting than it ever was!

The bonus treasure, which can also be activated during the free spins, is a wonderful symbol with abundance of opportunities in terms of credits. Here, you will want to gain 3, 4 or 5 such symbols on order to receive your payout and it works as follows: 3 bonus treasures will benefit you between 36 credits and 1,500, 4 such symbols will reward you 48 – 2,000 and 5 treasure bonuses can produce between 60 credits and 2,500 so there is a lot to wait for!